Who we Are

Bear Creek Brews has been a dream for over 30 years. Ever since the beginnings of the American Beer Renaissance, I have wanted to brew my own great tasting beer and make it available to the beer drinking public and help people learn about and appreciate beer. Coming from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, beer brewing is in my veins.

Twelve years ago my wonderful wife bought me the "everything but the kitchen sink" homebrew kit and it all started. After a few extract brew sessions, I built a 15 gallon brew sculpture and graduated to all-grain brewing, and things really got serious. Now after over 200 brews, BCB is in business!

The brewery is small, we call it a Nano-Brewery, we are hidden in the middle of 38 acres of woods in the heart of North Carolina. Most everything is recycled or made in-house. The Brew-House is an old 20' steel cargo container, the Beer-Garden brew patio is recycled flagstone and granite, nestled under spreading oaks and pines, our cooling water is stored rain water from a cistern, the chickens just love the spent mash. All the ingredients are as fresh as possible, some are even home grown. American malts, hops, and yeast are the mainstay of our beers. The water is from our 450' well and is just as pure and clean as can be. Our small batch brewing lets us assure you that each keg or bottle of beer will be as fresh and wonderful as though we were brewing it for ourselves to drink.

What we want

Bear Creek Brews wants to brew the beer for your next big bash, be it a wedding, retirement, birthday, you name it. BCB can brew about any style you want, from a clean Blonde Ale, to any of our Honey Pale Ales, to the wee-heavy Scotch Ale, to the wonderfully crisp Wit Bier, most any style ale can be brewed and ready in a month. Lagers will take a couple weeks longer, but our Merzen, Munich Helles, Pilsner or Vienna Lagers are all well worth the extra time that well crafted lagers demand.


PS: The wise geographer will ask “Why a picture of Yosemite’s Half Dome on a North Carolina beer?”….well, after having spent much of my youth hiking, biking, skiing, climbing just about every square mile of Yosemite, and yes, I have had a beer sitting on that little peak overhanging the valley atop Half Dome, we found it quite fitting to use a shot of one of the world’s most magnificent spots to showcase another of the Creator’s most magnificent creations…BEER! So while enjoying any of Bear Creek Brews beers, imagine your special place on this planet and let your mind take you there. Enjoy.

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Dave Peters
10538 NC 902 Hwy
Bear Creek, NC 27207